“A Perilous Assignment” by JC Morrows | BONUS Short in the Order of the MoonStone series releases TODAY!

A Perilous Assignment

Book .5 — Order of The MoonStone

APA On iPad



The Order of the MoonStone is not just another shadowy underground resistance operation.

They have a much more sinister purpose.

Kayden is about to find out just how sinister.

Go back to the very beginning with us… see how Kayden was chosen for her most important and most dangerous assignment yet.


And don’t miss part 1 of the Order of the MoonStone series;
A Reluctant Assassin – coming in September!

A Perilous Assignment (Order of the MoonStone #0.5)

This BONUS SHORT STORY is available for Pre-Order on iTunesKindle, Nook and KoBo!




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