ANNOUNCING “A Cunning Masquerade” by JC Morrows

A Cunning Masquerade

Book 1.5 — Order of The MoonStone


When a reluctant assassin returns to the palace and receives a less than warm welcome, she is certain her opportunity has passed to fulfill her mission.

Or has it…

When a young prince makes the decision to ignore a certain young lady with red hair and a fiery temper to match, will he seal his fate?

Or will a moonlit ball, and a special dress bring the two of them together again – with life… not death… in mind?

Don’t miss the rest of the Order of the MoonStone series; A Perilous Assignment,
A Reluctant Assassin and A Treacherous Decision –  coming in December!



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“JC Morrows has an amazing talent for writing Christian speculative fiction. Engaging and full of suspense, her work keeps me on the edge of my seat… from the first paragraph, I found myself unable to put down the story until the very last word.” ~ D J Mynatt – author of inspirational fiction

A Perilous Assignment is a tension-filled glimpse into the exciting story world of the Moonstone Chronicles series.” ~ Marissa Shrock – author of the YA novel, The First Principle

A Reluctant Assassin, the first book in the Order of the Moonstone series, is a must-read.” ~ A Backwards Story Book Reviews

“The narrative style and voice are reminiscent of older works of fiction and unlike what this reader usually finds in today’s YA, but they suit the story, setting, and characters very well. ” ~ Cynthia T. Toney – author of award winning YA novel; 8 Notes to a Nobody

“The Order of the MoonStone series has the potential, if played right, of being a fan favorite.” ~ Nicole L Rivera – author of; Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter

Keep watch here and on JC’s website for more info and updates!

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And while you wait for this BONUS short story… Check out:

A Perilous Assignment


A Reluctant Assassin




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