ANNOUNCING “A Covert Alliance” by JC Morrows

A Covert Alliance

Book 3.5 — Order of The MoonStone



Here is a brief synopsis:

On the run . . .
Hidden away . . .

Knowing they could both die
at any moment . . .

What other choice do Kayden
and Dvarius have . . .

Except for . . .
A covert alliance . . .



And here is a list of the books (in correct order):

A Perilous Assignment (short story)
A Reluctant Assassin (book one)
A Cunning Masquerade (short story)
A Treacherous Decision (book two)
A Dangerous Love (short story)
A Desperate Escape (book three)
A Covert Alliance (short story)
A Tragic Consequence (book four – coming later this year)




A Desperate Escape (Order of the MoonStone #3)

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